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An alternative viewpoint

You need not waste your time reading this site if you are looking for a budget Spanish property.
If you are looking for a standard 'villa' stuck in the middle of the campo - then you need read no further.

By contrast this fine example of a Valencian village home maybe what you require. Built in one of the village squares and enjoying the 'Casa Cultura' the church and library as neighbours this beautiful three / four storey house of historical importance (once forming part of the castle of Montichelvo) this is currently set out as a small 'alojamiento rural'. Having full support of the Mayor this is a perfect house in which to become involved in the rapidly growing interest in rural tourism.

If you require a house with no guarantees of legality and you are prepared to run the risk of being bulldozed - this house is not for you.

The house is totally urbanised and has formed part of the village centre for some three or four hundred years. It really is not going anywhere!

If you wish to live in isolation with a car as your only means of getting out and about - this property will be of no interest to you.

With two bars / restaurants and all of the necessary shops including two small supermarkets, hairdressers, bread shop, and of course the visiting weekly market you need not travel out at all unless you wish to set foot outside and be immediately walking though the 'campo' and foothills of the mountains. Go further afield for the larger towns of Gandia and Oliva with the usual big town shopping and of course the fine beaches of the North Costa Blanca and Azahar. The fabulous city of Valencia is less than an hours train ride away!

If you wish to spend only some of your time here - and you want to worry the whole time you are away that you may be broken into then sorry, - this house wont be for you.

Of course making friends with our neighbours has made us feel very secure here. Being in the centre of the village helps them to keep an eye on things if they know we are not around.

If you are a sheep and think that living in Spain is a little whitewashed village made very pretty for the tourist then - you will need to look elsewhwere.

Our village is a real working rural village. Transport for some is still the 'mulo' indeed it seems many of the senior residents have just never bothered with a drivers license. The outlying campo is mainly farmed to fruit trees; oranges, plums, pear, peaches, almonds and olives but the usual grapes, peppers, courgettes and so on are all grown around here. The local cooperativas all sell the local produce including of course, the often very acceptable, local wines.

If the campo with plenty of flies and other nasty beasties appeal to you then - we can't help.

We do get some of course but there is nothing more frustating than being forced inside when invited to pool parties at friends in the campo for fear (and reality) of being eaten alive.

If you love to spend your leisure hours gardening and time and money cleaning your swimming pool we are sorry but we cannot assist. Or, you can buy and deal with chemicals every day and spend your time mending the inevitable winter induced leaks!

We have five beautiful terraces on which to relax before strolling two minutes down to the local pool on the hottest days. For about 30 euros the whole family can swim every day for the whole summer.

If your idea of heaven is being at a beach where, for three months of the year you are crowded out and the remaining nine you are deserted - this area will be of no interest to you.

A community like ours is lived in and this includes all of the wonderful fiestas enjoyed by the villagers who for their own enjoyment (not to make money from passers by) turn this sleepy village into joyous revelry several times a year and that doesn't incluse the more 'solemn' Easter and other religous events.

If your heart is set on living in amongst tourist and a large expat community - again there will be nothing to interest you here.

Our village is inhabited by Spanish who have lived here many years with us and two other expat couples, one full time and the other part timers. A good mix of old and young families and the odd expat in surrounding villages for when you NEED to speak your own tongue.

So by now you will be asking yourself why do we want to leave? Well the simple answer is we don't!

We do however have other projects that we wish to pursue whilst continuing to live here - if having sold this house we are lucky to find somewhere in the village. We have been using the house as a small B and B successfully for the last three years with no other advertising than the website. Our visitiors have been from as far afield as Australia but mainly from Europe, with the majority being from England.

So what does the house have? Well basically, five bedrooms, bathrooms and terraces spread over three storeys with a basement on the fourth lower ground. A kitchen, cellar, and two dining and two sitting areas complete the living accomodation. Total living area amounts to some 300 square metres. The photo gallery shows the accommodation in detail.